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MemXcell Papers


Summary of IEDM 2020 Conference

This summary focuses on papers and presentations around embedded memory IP and system aspects that are ready for mass market use.

Magnet warning

MRAM Magnetic Immunity – An Empirical Study

MRAM technology has emerged as the top memory contender to replace embedded NOR Flash. This MemXcell report shows the current state of magnetic immunity as reported by eMRAM players developers.

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Flash Memory Summit 2020 – Embedded Memory Summary

Flash Memory Summit 2020 was held as a virtual event this year. This MemXcell paper summarize important observations taken from this event.

Industry Notebook


Emerging Memories for the Datacenter and Product Timelines

A snapshot of the status and timeline of emerging memories from Mark Webb of MKW Ventures


EE-Times The Memory Market

EE Times special project on the memory market, with several articles on memory trends and applications


Summary of TSMC 2020 Technology Symposium from SemiWIki

A good summary in three parts of the TSMC 2020 Technology Symposium, incl. update in embedded NVM offerings.


NVM Reliability Challenges And Tradeoffs

Good article from SemiEngineering on the reliability challenges with new emerging memories.


eNVM Technology Choices for Automotive, Industrial and Multi-market Solutions

Presentation of the NVM offerings from GlobalFoundries for Automotive and Industrial embedded NVM


Inside The New Non-Volatile Memories

Presentation of the main contenters in the emerging memory category


TSMC 32Mb Embedded STT-MRAM at ISSCC2020

A good review of the TSMC 32Mb MRAM IP presentation from ISSCC 2020 - one of the most competitive MRAM offerings in the market.


STT MRAM Highlights from IEDM 2019

Highlights from the key MRAM presentations at 2019 IEDM conference from Everspin, Samsung. GlobalFoundries and TSMC


Embedded memory market trends

Projection from Yole Development of the embedded memory market until 2025 with focus on MRAM


Securing Smart Connected Homes with OTP NVM

Using Anti-fuse OTP NVM for Root-of-Trust in Smart home applications